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Alph@TaV Vault

Unbreakable NON+Crypted Encoding System.

Alph@TaV Vault secures your data, allowing you to encode all types of files and folders, giving you absolute protection against all unauthorized third parties. Read full description

Alph@TaV Vault is intended for everyone and is, by design, independent from any outside control.

Digital safety and identity theft are serious risks for anyone using a computer to store data.

Key features

  • Protect your data with a maximum key size of 27'000 bits.
  • Decide on which computer or hardware your data can be decrypted.
  • Decide until when your files can be decrypted by adding a time limitation.
  • Decide if your data should be destroyed in case of fail decryption attempt.
  • Freely decode any authorized encrypted/encoded file without limitations.
- (Supported OS : Windows 7+) - Release notes
Certified SSL EV Code Signed Application


19 CHF

Need to secure your data or send securely by email for one-off projects in a short period.

Duration : 1 month



51 CHF

Need to temporarily secure your data or sent it securely by email for medium duration projects.

Duration : 3 months

Best Value


183 CHF

Need to frequently store or send sensitive data by email for long-term projects or increase security needs.

Duration : 1 year

Every subscription for an Alph@TaV Vault License contains the following Build-in options

Ciphering Key Length
3'000 / 9'000 / 27'000 Bits
Transmission by email
Protected data can be sent by email
Main-Protected + Keys-Files can be Hardware-Locked
Authorized Machines
Restrict physical machines by Ex0-UiD's to be authorized to decode files
File shredding
Apply any shredding scenario (Sources/Protected/Both) up to 51-passes
Protected data can be set to be deleted in case of bad decoding parameters
Decoding files Validity
You can set protected files to be able to be decoded only during a defined period
  • The Alph@TaV Vault software must be installed on a physical computer, configured with a compatible and up-to-date Microsoft Windows (7+) operating system.
  • The user will be able to use one of our integrated software licenses or activate an online license.
  • The Alph@TaV Vault software is not intended to be installed or used on virtual machines, nor to be used through remote access protocols on physical machines.
  • To activate an online license, the user must use a valid e-mail address.
  • Temporary e-mail addresses or TrashMail or any such other system are not allowed and will prevent you from activating a license.

Please note that for Encoder Free Demo and Encoder Free Trial licenses, there is an imposed time restriction during which secure data can be decoded.

The imposed time restriction is limited to 7 days in the Encoder Free Demo version and 15 days in the Encoder Free Trial version.

The limitation begins when the user starts the process of protecting data with the Alph@TaV Vault application.

The users may restrict the decoding validity period for secure data according to their needs or have the maximum time allowed in the version of the application in use.

After this delay, it will be definitively and irremediably impossible to decode the secure data: even our Ex0-SyS team will not be able to do anything about it .

This feature can also be used as an additional level of security to help the user maintain control over the validity of secure data, for example, when it is transmitted by email.

Thanks to Alph@TaV Vault, one can directly attach secure files to e-mails, indicating a shorter or longer decoding validity period, so that the transmitted data can only be decoded during a specific time interval.

In addition, for Encoder Free Demo and Encoder Free Trial licenses, the optional settings for the lengths of the final encryption keys are limited to 3’000 bits for the Encoder Free Demo version and 9’000 bits for the Encoder Free Trial version.

Only Encoder Full Subscriptions license versions have the highest level of final encryption keys up to 27’000 bits.

Also related to Encoder Free Demo and Encoder Free Trial licenses, there is as well a limitation on the maximum size of data that can be secured per encoding session, namely 20 Mega Bytes for the Free Demo and 50 Mega Bytes for the Free Trial.

Relating to the Demo and the Trial versions, some limitations are also applicable concerning the maximum size of the attached files that can be sent by email, namely2 Mega Bytes for the Demo version and 4 Mega Bytes for the Trial version.

The Encoder Free Demo version does not require any activation, but it can only be used once per physical computer for a restricted period of 3 days, during which all the limitations mentioned above are applicable.

In addition to these limitations, in the Encoder Free Demo version, hardware lock options are not available when one chooses to store secure data on external media (USB sticks or other).

However, the user will have access to these hardware restriction options by activating the Encoder Free Trial license version, valid for a period of 15 days.

We reserve the right to modify at any time and without notice the access levels to the modules and options available in the Alph@TaV Vault Encoder Free Trial version.

During our promotional campaigns of the Encoder Free Trial version, we will release software restrictions to our user’s advantage (i.e. 27'000 bits available to all), to maintain a high publication dynamic of our software.

We will maintain the history of options available on our blog (link) based on the expired and upcoming versions of Alph@TaV Vault Encoder Free Trial licenses.

Apart from the software updates, the user will not need to download and install the application to benefit from unlocking options related to promotion campaigns of the Encoder Free Trial version.

To do this, one has to simply make a new request to activate the License Encoder Free Trial via the application, and if the version of the installed application allows it, the user will immediately have access to the unlocked options.

It is the reason we use the term "Dynamic Shareware" license.

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What We Do

We are providing data security related products and applications with an innovative approach.

Ex0-SyS is specialized in the creation of technological solutions exclusively by re-mastering the initial conditions underpinning all information systems known to date.

Alph@TaV Systems

Alph@TaV Systems is a suite of software and hardware projects that are all based on our cutting edge algorithm « Alph@TaV Data-Fragmentation ».

Alph@TaV Vault

Alph@TaV Vault uses a cutting edge algorithm to protect your data to archive or transmit them by e-mail.

  • 100%
    Status : completed
Go to download page

Alph@TaV Data-Streamer

Developer tool that allow to make any data stream seekable even if it was not ready for that.

  • 90%
    Status : packaging

Alph@TaV Network

Secured P2P transmissions over NON secured networks. (A@T Data-Frag. / Prime Numbers / Blockchain Tech)

  • Status : planned

Alph@TaV Intercom

Next generation secure comm application allowing management of transmitted information.

  • Status : planned

Alph@TaV Data-Fingerprint

Unique fingerprint extraction tools for digital data without the need for a complete reading of files.

  • 70%
    Status : in progress

Alph@TaV Data-Slimmer

Data size reduction and very high level compression software.

  • Status : proof of concept

Alph@TaV Cloud

Personal clouds (online service or personal hdd) for data securisation and very high size reduction.

  • Status : planned

Alph@TaV Filesystem

Secure hive filesystem for high data density with high availibility.

  • Status : planned

Alph@TaV Pod

All-in-One Alph@TaV Systems tools bundled inside an hardware portable embedded solution.

  • Status : planned

Ex0-Tools Softwares & Services

All other applications and services developed by Ex0-SyS outside of the Alph@TaV Systems project .. ... .....

Ex0-UiD (Unique Identifier)

Secure any transaction using one-way unique hardware identification.

  • 90%
    Status : packaging


Next generation software license hardware protection against hacking.

  • 90%
    Status : packaging


Algorithmically live generation and checking of prime numbers up to 256 digits for free.

  • 100%
    Status : completed
Go to website


Algorithmically generate list and check of primes without size limit.

  • Status : planned


Solve integers from irrational numbers such as Pi, Phi and the Cubit number.

  • 80%
    Status : in progress
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Link talents to increase creativity

If you think your goals are in line with ours and our values are compatible with yours, do not hesitate to send us your resume and a message explaining your motivation.

We may have the opportunity to collaborate within one of our Conceptualization, Research and Development teams.

We will take the time to answer you!

We don't, and will never, send spam
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Contact Us

Get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding our projects and/or our products.

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We don't, and will never, send spam
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Who We Are

Ex0-SyS is a Swiss company exclusively focused on the creation of new technologies, including ethical processing and digital data security.

By going back to the beginning of known concepts and projecting one’s mind outside of the box (notion of scales), one will access what remains invisible to those who do not follow this fundamental principle.

That is how we create technological solutions based essentially on the reordering of the initial conditions forming the basis of all information systems known to date.

Anything is possible as long as one isn’t aware that it’s impossible.

The 10 unique methods for innovation

  • Learn, to acquire Knowledge and invent
  • Understand, to acquire Science and create
If reordering the information to its fundamental state allowed a definitive answer to certain known technical challenges, which method would one choose ?

Our objectives

Our objectives are the security and protection of data transmission systems and of the personal data of users. Our tools are designed to combat global electronic surveillance that interferes with our private and professional lives, everywhere, at any time and without our knowledge.

Our values

Our values can be summed up in two words: freedom and responsibility. Freedom to keep control of all our personal information. Responsibility to assume and account personally for our actions without being responsible for the injustices of others or produced by a power system we have not chosen, but which is unfortunately admitted by the silent majority. We oppose a public order based on a hierarchical system, which obliges individuals to submit to unlimited permanent control. Our IT tools are created to allow users to maintain control over individual freedoms which are specific to the right of everyone. Our mission: to prevent our countries’ governments from completely perverting and transforming the whole reality of digital information into a fully Huxley world.


As a high-tech company, especially one that is focused on security, we need to build a trustworthy, authentic and sustainable relationship with our customers.

Therefore Ex0-SyS is committed to the following five fundamental principles:

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Security
  • Utility
  • Swiss Quality
Five commitments for the best personal data protection policy for everyone.

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